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jewl1Your wedding dress is the starting point in deciding all the other elements, especially the jewelry. The dress is designed with the following principles in mind, color, texture and rhythm. The role of the jewelry is to compliment the dress and add to its beauty, and that is why the same design principles have to be repeated in the jewelry. If there is a diamonds on the dress, the jewelry has to reflect that. The next step in choosing jewelry is to make sure that the jewelry suits you. Consider your preferences and personality, the overall theme and mood that you have in mind, the neckline of your dress, texture of the fabric and the beading.


Here are a few hints in choosing a jewelry that will match your figure type.



  • A tiara in the “Alice band “–style usually works best with short hair.
  • A pointed tiara adds height to a round face.
  • A neckline that hangs in a V shape makes a round face look a little longer.


Adding hairpins into your hair draws attention to your hair and compliment your face beautifully. It also gives the guests something to look at during the ceremony when your back will be turned to them.



Arm bracelets can add something unique to your outfit but it is important to keep the rest of your jewelry in mind. Be careful for too much.


Jewelry is a very important part of your wedding outfit; it can be the cherry on the cake that brings the last touch to the beautiful picture that is yours.


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