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Shoes and Accessories

ShoesAfter the Jewellery has been added there is basically nothing else that needs to be added to bring finishing touches to your outfit. There are a few accessories that some like for instance a purse or gloves. Choosing a purse is important to keep in mind the tone, style and theme of your dress. A small purse is usually the most stylish seeing that it may get irritating to carry a big purse around. Usually the bride prefers no purse though. Gloves can add a nice finishing touch to the picture but it needs to be planned with the designer of the dress. Be sure that it suits the dress and your theme.


Tiaras also add something magical to the whole outfit. It brings a princess type element to the picture. Here are a few hints in choosing tiaras that will match your figure type.



  • A tiara in the “Alice band “–style usually works best with short hair.
  • A pointed tiara adds height to a round face.
  • A neckline that hangs in a V shape makes a round face look a little longer.




Another important facet that completes the picture of you will be your shoes. Among the ancient Incas in Peru, brides and grooms exchanged shoes when they got married. To them taking off your shoes and giving it to someone meant that you want to submit under that person. In Wales during the old days, the bridal couple would be given a pair of wooden shoes cut from one block of wood. The shoe would have a cube of sugar and a little piece of coal inside which was symbolic that the giver of the shoe wished that the couple will always have food and warmth in their house.


Your wedding shoes are usually chosen to match the rest of the bridal outfit. It is very important the bridal shoes are comfortable so that the bride would not kick out her shoes and walk barefoot.




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