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Tips for the Bride

Firstly ensure that you have a good idea of what your bridal gown will look like. You must know how low the back is and understand the cut and fit of the dress. You must also decide if you need the maximum amount of lift or if you need to minimize the cleavage. You also need to decide whether or not you will need seamless lingerie according to the type of fabric that the dress is made of.

• The Fitting

There are a number of reputable lingerie boutiques that will fit you professionally. Stand straight in front of the mirror and allow them to measure you. You then need to ensure that the bra fits perfectly. Ensure that the underwire is comfortable and that your breasts do not spill over the sides. The shoulder straps must also not pull or cut into your skin.

• The Control

Often a bustier will provide the control that you need for your wedding dress. Please note that some dresses are specifically designed to provide maximum support without the help of a bra. You need to discuss this with your dress designer beforehand. Some brides feel they need a girdle or support around the middle. Keep in mind that this can get hot and uncomfortable

• The Quality

Expensive lingerie should be able to withstand lots of washing and wearing. Test the elastic and feel if it is sturdy and resilient. A good quality item will also have double rows of stitching and underwire are firmly in place.

• The Care

Take care of your expensive lingerie and you will get more wear for your money. Hand wash the items and do not tumble try. Follow the instructions on the label and your lingerie should give you lots of comfort and pleasure. Ensure that your underwear makes the best of your figure as well as your bridal gown.


Norine Victor