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There are some things in life that I just don’t like. One of these things are clichés. I hate those little sayings that people use over and over again but unfortunately I have to admit that it would not be called a cliché if the sayings were not true. One of these lovely little clichés, which happens to be true, is the saying that “ you are what you eat”. I once went through an awkward stage during my teenage years where I chose to stop eating vegetables, fruits and meat. I lived on Fast Food and anything else that would be a “no” if asked by a nutritionist. My mom tried to get me to eat healthy again and I constantly heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”. Sadly I learnt the truth of that expression the hard way. My energy levels were non-existing and my usually pretty good hockey skills suddenly dropped a few nudges. As I started to eat healthy once again I could feel how my body appreciated it and when I was out on the field I felt amazing, as if I could push my body more than before.



Not only is eating healthy good for your general well being, it also helps with your skin. All brides want to look beautiful and have a glowing complexion on the day of her wedding. One secret learnt is that this sought after glowing complexion does not lie in the skill of the make up artist, but rather in the eating habits of the bride. Here are some nutritional guidelines for a glowing complexion on your wedding day. 

  • Your skin is made of epithelial tissue, and this epithelial tissue needs maintenance and healing and therefore vitamin A is necessary. This is found in eggs, oysters and low-fat dairy products.
  • Everyone hates sunburn. You can prevent or reduce the redness associated with sunburn by eating food that is rich in beta-carotene. This includes dark-coloured fruit and vegetables like carrots, watermelon, broccoli and tomatoes.
  • Vitamin B found in fish, eggs and whole grains helps to keep your skin’s oil production normal and it helps to convert kilojoules into energy.
  • For firm skin and to maintain collagen, the underlying support structure of the skin, vitamin C is necessary, and found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and berries.
  • Vitamin E helps to slow down the process of aging of the skin cells. The best sources of vitamin E are salmon, leafy vegetables and olives.
  • Another anti-wrinkling agent is zinc. This mineral helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity and collagen. Zinc can be found in seafood, Soya, turkey and mushrooms.



Besides following a diet that contains all the above nutrition it’s also important to follow sensible lifestyle habits. For example, quit smoking, sleep enough and drink a lot of water.



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