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Bride Skin Care


Beauty step 1

Make sure to book your make-up artist as soon as you have finalised your wedding date. Make-up artists are booked up quite early, so don't delay making this phone call even though your wedding day might still be some time away. Enquire if she/he will travel to the venue where you will be getting dressed to take the stress of travelling and lack of time off yourself. Make sure to confirm whether any of your entourage will have their make-up done so that you have enough time before the service in order to take photos and for travelling to the function location. Book the date for a trial run, where you can discuss exactly what you want regarding make-up for the big day.

TIPS: Try and set up a trial run for your hair on the same day, preferably before your make-up appointment in order to get a good idea of what the end result will be.

Beauty step 2

Visit your beauty therapist for a consultation facial. When booking a facial, be sure to book your first one at LEAST a month and a half, if not earlier, before the wedding day. This will give you an idea of the results the products used by your therapist will have on your skin, and you will also avoid having an unnecessary reaction on your skin just a few days before the wedding. Should you want a deep - cleansing facial before the wedding, you should have it done no less than a week before the wedding.

TIPS: Invest in a good moisturiser to ensure maximum hydration for your skin. This will result in beautiful make-up that will last for hours.

Beauty step 3

This is probably the most important step for nearly every bride! Do you easily have a skin breakout due to stress or hormone activity? Do you have a beautiful skin at the moment but scared that by the time the big day arrives, you might have an extra guest attending the wedding - on your chin? Never fear, help is here. Find a nutritional supplement that contains all three essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are directly related to the balancing of hormone activity. Start taking these nutritional supplements as soon as possible for loads of energy, healthy and a beautiful complexion.

TIPS: Please note that the information offered in step 3 has been proven to have great results and has enjoyed a great success.

EXTRA TIPS: Sustained release Vit.B Co and Calcium and Magnesium will help you handle stress effectively. (Take B Co in the mornings and Calcium and Magnesium at night, before you go to bed.)

Beauty step 4

A shapely eyebrow does not mean that you have to have a thin straight line above your eye that is bearably visible! By removing just a few stray hairs, you will define the shape of your eyes and improve the look of the applied make-up. The difference is remarkable, and the result is well worth the extra effort. Have this treatment done at least two months before the wedding day to make sure that you are happy with the result.

TIPS: The few stray hairs that grow out after this day can be removed a day or two before the wedding, while doing some other treatments like waxing, manicures, pedicures etc.

Beauty step 5

All the necessary waxing should be done two or three days before the wedding. This includes full leg, bikini, under arm and lip wax. Now is also the time for an eyebrow and eye lash tint.

Beauty step 6

Treat your fiancé by giving him

TIPS: Let him have the facial a day or two before the wedding so that he also has a clear and hydrated skin.

Beauty step 7

Only one day to go! Today is your day for relaxation and total bliss. Sleep a little late; eat a fresh fruit salad and muesli with natural yogurt and honey for breakfast. This will make you feel healthy and energized. Indulge yourself today with your last facial. This treatment should be relaxing and hydrating. Have a fabulous paraffin wax manicure today for beautiful and soft hands. A French manicure is very stylish and sophisticated for a wedding. Treat yourself to a pedicure and apply a subtle color nail varnish on your toenails.

Beauty step 8

"I cannot believe that today is my wedding day!" Well, congratulations. I know you are excited: but have a good solid breakfast. You are going to need all your energy. When you shower, use a body exfoliator for a silky smooth and soft skin. Apply a rich body cream from top to toes. Cleanse and tone your face and apply a moisture mask for five to ten minutes. Rinse the mask off and tone and moisturize your skin. DO NOT apply any make-up. This will not only spoil the perfect complexion you've been working on so hard for so long. It will also make it very difficult for your make-up artist to remove your make-up completely without messing up your hairstyle.

Beauty step 9

Fragrance layering for long lasting freshness. Invest in a fragrance, which also has a shower gel and a body cream. By bathing with the shower gel and then applying the body cream of the same fragrance and then spraying on some perfume you will ensure fabulous freshness the whole night (or day). TIPS: Remember the saying: " Nice perfume... you do not have to marinade in it!" Perfume should be subtle and mysterious.

Beauty step 10

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Smile the whole night long; who cares whether the champagne is red or white! Remember: A relaxed and happy bride = Relaxed and happy guests and celebrations, that carry on till the early hours of the morning.


From the Faces and Features studio.