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GroomFashionFor some reason, it’s accepted that the wedding day belongs to the bride. If your groom-to-be believes a simple shave and haircut will do the trick, here are some ideas to get him to look like a movie star.


Let your man know that you desire a groomed gentleman for the special day. The bridal couple should compliment one another.

Thanks to modern designers, grooms do not necessarily have to wear a tuxedo. Tailored suits are more popular these days, with a finely stitched shirt, silk tie and pocket handkerchief. Popular shades are blue, brown and burgundy. For the more traditional look, stay with the satin style shirt and matching tie in either ivory or white. Always make sure the groom’s attire suits the style of wedding you are hosting. Also encourage the groom to purchase a well made pair of leather shoes. Small things like socks, cufflinks and tie bars shouldn’t be overlooked.

A simple shower and shave will not do the trick. Your groom will also benefit form a facial, soothing saunas, relaxing massages and a good manicure or pedicure. There are many spa packages aimed specifically at men. Spend some time together in the sauna and connect before the wedding.

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