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Speeches at the wedding are not only important to the bride but also to the guests. The speeches are what give personality to the reception; it forms part of the entertainment. If speeches aren’t planned carefully, guests might end up feeling bored and the bride offended. Here are some basic outlines for giving a decent wedding speech.


Speeches are usually made before the meal or refreshments, probably to take the stress of the speakers as soon as possible, but if you feel that your guests would like to have something to eat first, it’s in order to do speeches afterwards then. Something that would work perfectly is if you serve a starter or something small to nibble on, and then do the speeches which will be followed by the meal. In this way guests won’t be starved during the speeches and the speakers can relax for the meal knowing the speeches are over.


If you have a master of ceremonies, he will introduce each item for instance the main course and also introduce each speaker. It is a good idea to have a master of ceremonies because it molds the evening together very adequately.


The first speech of the evening is the father of the bride. This is a very important speech as the father is busy saying goodbye to his little girl. This speech is also another formal way for the father to give his daughter to the groom and to bless their marriage.


The father of the bride speech includes: 

  • Welcoming the groom’s parents, relatives of both families and friends.
  • Complimenting the bride on how beautiful she looks and share a few things about her, and her family life. This is very special.
  • Welcome the groom into the family
  • Give a few words of wisdom and then propose a toast to the couple.
  • Thank the caterers and anyone else who has helped with the wedding and reception.
  • If there is no master of ceremonies the father of the bride introduces the next speaker which is the groom


The bridegroom speech includes: 

  • Thank the bride’s parents for giving him permission to take their daughter’s hand in marriage.
  • Thank his parents for their example and for how they brought him up.
  • Say some nice words about the bride, maybe a short story of how they met etc.
  • Thank the flower girls, page boys and ring bearers and ushers or groomsmen.
  • Thank the guests for their lovely presents, cards and kind wishes.
  • If there is no master of ceremonies the bridegroom introduces the best man.


The best man speech includes:
The best man speech should be amusing but it should not be a continuation of the bachelor’s party. 

  • Compliment the bride and the groom and wish them well.
  • Thank the groom for asking him to be best man.
  • Tell a few funny stories about the groom. Don’t bore the people and do not mention previous girlfriends.
  • Say a little about the bride, for instance when the groom introduced her to you the first time
  • Read a few cards or e-mails from absent relatives or friends.