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The Reception

Most brides want a wedding reception that the guests will never forget. These days it’s all about personalization. People have become more individualistic and everyone wants to do something distinctive, something better than the preceding one’s. So, here follows a few creative ideas for your wedding. 

  • A catering hall, a country club or a church are great places to hold your wedding, but why not choose a place, which has significant meaning for you and your groom? For example if you are an animal lover, why not tie the knot at the zoo. There are many other eccentric places you can get married at, like an art museum, a baseball park, or on the rooftop of a huge building, that would provide a beautiful setting and view of the surrounding areas.
  • Tying the knot at the place where you and your future husband met, or had your first date is very romantic. For example, if you met at the ice rink, hold your ceremony on the ice at the ice rink.
  • Once you have found the right setting for your affair, create the mood you desire with lights, flowers and other props. For example, place lights or small lanterns underneath the tables. This will make them appear to be floating.
  • To create a fairytale wedding illuminated by stars and moonlight, string up hundreds of small white Christmas lights on the ceiling which would appear like stars.
  • The cake is a highlight at the reception. The trend these days is to have a distinctly different kind of cake for each tier, like a caramel cake stacked on top of a chocolate cake. Also be creative with the design of the cake.


You want your guests to have wonderful memories of your wedding, so here are some common wedding reception mistakes made by brides and grooms. 

  • The bridal couple and parents of the couple should not leave early. Your guests come from all over, near and far to see you on your wedding day. Leaving early would be an insult to them.
  • Don’t arrive late to the reception. Its expected that guests do not start eating until the bride and groom start the food line. Be sure to take as many pictures as you can before the wedding. If you don’t want the groom to see you before the wedding, then arrange to only take family photos before the wedding. Take all the bride’s family photos, then have the bride return to the dressing room and then take photos of the groom and his family. This way the only photos that are left for after the ceremony is those of the happy couple.
  • Don’t have one particular type of music seeing that there is going to be a variety of people whom all have different taste in music.
  • Start the food line or meal as soon as possible. Guests plan their meals around the wedding and do not eat a big meal before hand seeing that they will eat at the wedding. Don’t starve them. Guests may get fidgety when the meal takes to long.
  • Greet and have quick conversation with all your guests. They are there for you and if you never speak a word to them at the reception they might feel insulted.
  • Don’t get drunk and obnoxious. Remember you don’t eat a lot during the day so alcohol may affect you faster.


Take time to plan your reception, it is the biggest part of the day and it’s the part that guests will remember.


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