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Honeymoon Romance

There is nothing a woman likes more than to be romanced. RomanRomance1ce is like a precious fragrance that touches a woman’s’ heart and soaks into her very being, leaving her feeling beautiful and radiant. There is nothing more striking than the sight of a woman who is being romanced. She shines brighter than the sun and the warmth that surrounds her reaches those around her. The woman is a receiver, so when a woman receives love, she wants to give more and more. It is as if something deep within the very soul of the woman was awakened which leaves her with an overwhelming emotion to give more and more love to her sweetheart.


Although many people associate romance with women, men also likes being romanced or spoilt. A relationship has two parties and both needs to learn how to give and take. No matter the rewards you get from your work, the rewards of a happy, healthy and connected relationship is greater and longer lasting. Life is better when you love and feel loved.


Here are some ideas on how to spice up your relationship and surprise your partner with some romance.


For the more outgoing person: 

  • There is something magical about the rain. Maybe it reminds us that there is something bigger than us. Whatever it is, it enchants us. Dancing in the rain with your partner is something different a thrilling experience.
  • Cuddle by the fire. After a game drive and a private braai, there is nothing better than a cuddly blanket, soft pillows and curling up with the one you love.
  • If ever driving with your love and a favourite song comes on the radio, pull over, get out of the car, and dance in front of the headlights.
  • Travel the world without leaving the house. Bring your partner’s favourite country to home by decorating the house to look like that country.


For the adventurous partner: 

  • A theme park can be great. It’s very exciting and there will almost never be a dull moment.
  • Thrilling outdoor activities such as parasailing, jet skiing etc. are great fun.


For the married couple: 

  • Write a surprise love letter to your significant other on a bed sheet.
  • Write an “I love you” note on a post it or mirror.
  • Plan an “us day”. Set a day apart where you and your partner can break away.
  • Sit down together with a calendar and commit to a regular date night.
  • A romantic bath with candlelight, wine, aroma oils and romantic music.


Spoil the one you love because you never know for how long you will be blessed with them in your life.



Photography: Elena Weber