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After the Honeymoon


When to send out
Traditionally a thank you note needs to be sent out within two or three weeks after receiving a gift. At the latest – within six or eight weeks. The sooner you sent them out – the better.

Who should be thanked
You must acknowledge not only the people that gave you a gift, but also those who rendered their services to you: bridesmaids, flower girls, relatives and friends that performed little miracles for your wedding.


What is a proper way to thank your gift giver
Not by e-mail or by telephone call. The best way is always on paper, hand-written, never typed, in a legible handwriting and with carefully selected heartfelt words.

What format should a thank you card have
Traditionally a folded card, rather than a full sheet or a small card, is considered to be the best format. These are guidelines only, as if you have a special personal touch added to your thank you card design, you can go with any format as long as it stays heartfelt and respectful.

Should you have your thank you cards printed
This might be a good idea, as it will keep all your wedding stationary uniform. When you print it in the package with the rest of your wedding stationary the expense is much smaller than if you do it afterwards, even on a bought stock. You can always personalise the thank you cards with your names and a special verse. Stay away from printing “Thank You” across the front or inside.


What to put inside
To begin with, find the best way of addressing the specific person.

Make it personal: “Jan and I would like to thank you…” Mention the gift using descriptive adjectives and why it is perfect for both of you. Be as specific as possible. Some words to describe the gift: perfect, lovely, generous, elegant, useful. In case of the money gift, tell them how you plan to use the gift: we are going to buy a coffee table, curtains, table wear. Never mention the amount or the way in which the money was given: cheque, cash.

Thank the person again for being part of your wedding celebration. If it is a close friend or relative, make mention of a special relationship you share.

Give a heartfelt closing: “Love” or “Cordially”, “With all our love/respect”.

Who should write thank you notes
The person with the best handwriting. Which leaves the other one with the responsibility of sealing and stamping the envelopes, helping with composition of responses, checking with the list. In the end, the gift was given to both of you – and it is only fair to share the responsibility even in such small things. Writing thank you notes does not have to be a boring event – play some pleasant music, light some candles and have some fun getting to know each other.

If the whole routine seems too hard to master, ask your close family or a very close friend to help you. Remember: the thank you message must always come from you.