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Gifts and Favours

Wedding Gifts & Favours
Province: Gauteng
Laser Cutting & Engraving

Corporate Events, Weddings, Schools, Florists, Interior Designers, Scrapbooking

The design and manufacture of special requests, once-off special orders and new products.

For solutions that are as unique and original as you are!
Province: Gauteng
Let us help you to make your special day even more memorable.

Hot Tomali wedding favour boxes, are high quality gift boxes at an affordable price. Our designs are classic, as well as elegant and include different types of florals, stripes and hearts on pearl effect papers. There are various sizes and colour schemes available. We can personalise boxes with bride and grooms names. We also have a unique bridal range of boxes.

Also call us about wholesale purchases.
Province: Gauteng
For All Occasions

- Favours

- Gift Boxes

- Invitations

- Gifts
Province: Gauteng
For the most elegant and original table gifts and arrangements, L&C Cards is the perfect choice!

By appointment only.
Province: Gauteng
""We have been together for quite some time, and that's the purpose of this rhyme, all appliances, crockery and cutlery we've got, kindly consider a contribution towards things we have not."" - anonymous bride

On your bridal registry you can list anything you want! From a toaster to a dinner for two. From a honeymoon suite to a contribution towards your house payment. This is your unique, tailor made bridal registry.

The bride and groom have created a bridal registry listing all their dreams.
Province: Gauteng
Specialising in Wedding Favours & Table Gifts.
Province: Gauteng
Under Wraps is a unique gifting registry that aims to make the art of appreciation a little simpler, more convenient and above all enjoyable!

We offer personal consultation in our showroom in order to assist with gift selection.

Under Wraps will liaise with the bride's guests via telephone, fax or e-mail.

Personal assistance is available at our showroom while our website is convenient
for overseas or out of town guests, allowing them to view their chosen gifts.

Province: Gauteng