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Home Wedding Stories LINDY (20) and JAYSON (22) STEARN


Wedding Date: 30 August 2008
Venue: The Moon and Sixpence
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
A whole day was planned for this special proposal. One of the most special days -16 June 2008. It all started early in the morning where he took me to Wonderboom Airport.

Lindy1We flew from Wonderboom Airport to Rustenburg then back to Pretoria in a private plane. We went for a really nice breakfast and then we relaxed for the rest of the day. In the evening we went to Die Werf but my parents took me as we were actually going out for dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary but Jayson couldn’t make it but in the meanwhile he was setting the place up. The restaurant was stunning. Fireplaces, dimmed lights…wow. The waiter then took us to a private little room. There was all our the most special people in our lives… my parents, his parents and 2 of our best friends. Yellow roses on my seat with the brown teddy. He got on his knees and proposed. It was exactly what I always dreamed of.

Most of the wedding planning:
We knew each other 3 years before we got married. Jayson and I really worked hard together to do a lot of the planning. I enjoyed every minute of the planning. It also helped a lot that we had a FANTASTIC coordinator at the venue, Sally. She went totally out of her way to help you in every possible way and she gives your dream wedding in the budget that you have. Well the planning was awesome for both of us. We worked together as a team and we always agreed upon what we wanted. It was loads of fun and it made us grow even closer together. We did not have one dull moment in the 15 months of planning.

Lindy2Bride's emotions week before:
One week before the wedding you really get blown away you think to yourself “wow, this weekend is just about Jayson and myself” the excitement gets you overwhelmed. I couldn’t wait to marry the man I always dreamed of and the perfect man the Lord gave me. I couldn’t wait to live with the most amazing man, to wake up and go to bed next to the man I loved most.

Bride's emotions on the wedding day:
On the day of the wedding I was totally relaxed. No stress!!! I was so calm and just always in my own world… can’t believe the day has come that I always dreamed of. To wear the beautiful white dress, hair all done up, make-up that beams your beauty…wow. It’s awesome. I couldn’t wait to get down the aisle to stand next to my husband and just know that he is my husband now. We now have our own family and our journey only begins now.

Lindy3Problems before on the wedding day:
No problems at all occurred on the wedding day. NOTHING. I made myself prepared for anything that might go wrong but I believed that nothing would happen as Jayson and my special day was all in the Lords hands and that He would do whatever he needed to on my day and you know what He gave us the best day of our lives. Without the Lord it would not be the same.

My Wedding Day:
Wow, where do you even begin to explain the marvelous wedding day we had. The most important thing about the day was the overwhelming love that spread throughout the whole day. The love Jayson and I shared poured onto others and made many realize what love is. Everything was perfect. The tables were all set beautifully with the flowers blooming with life. The candles burning as our love was blooming for one another. The golden yellow theme brought joy, happiness, love, excitement to the day. The butterflies placed everywhere represented new life and the journey that Jayson and I started. Walking down the aisle I had no regrets. Looking into the eyes of the man I loved showed me that only the Lord could put us together. We had so much fun. We enjoyed every second. We remember everything; all the detail and all the hard work that was put in to make this day the way it turned out. Many thanks to the people who really played an important part in the day we will NEVER forget. The Moon and Sixpence-thanks for all the hard work, smiles, friendliness, personal attention and going out your way to help in any possible way-especially Petronella. Wow, you are great. Sally- thanks for helping me at the last minute to co-ordinate and give me the perfect flower arrangements for everything, for going out your way with all the extras. You and your team are wonderful. Carla- Wow, Carla what can I say. Your photography is soooo amazing. Jayson and I look at the photos nearly everyday and your work is just so lovely. You not only do your passion which we could all see but you play such an important role in the day. You always comforted me, you were so gentle and kind but mostly you made memories that will last forever. Thank you!