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Home Wedding Stories STEPHAN (28) and ELANI (25) KRUGER


Wedding date: 24 January 2009
Wedding Ceremony: NG Kerk Nylstroom
Wedding Reception: Euphoria Golf Estate, Naboomspruit
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The proposal:
Stephan proposed to me the day of our first anniversary of being together. He told me about 4 days before our anniversary that he wanted to take me to Witwater Lodge (we went there for dinner on Valentines Day, and we both fell in love with the place and wanted to return) to celebrate our anniversary there. We both left work early that Tuesday afternoon to leave for the lodge.

Elani1I didn't suspect anything - he made jokes in the car on the way there, and acted as normal. When we arrived at the lodge we received 5 star treatment (as always) and started off with drinks on the deck. Then we went out on a private game drive (the excuse for that was that we were the only ones interested on going), and we saw cheetas up close and an array of other game. Halfway through we stoped at a lookout point where the game ranger set up a table with champange and other snacks. He then left with the excuse that he is going to fetch more drinks and chairs from the gameviewer. Champange in hand we took some pictures and drank in the breathtaking view of the sun setting beheind the Waterberg mountains. He then started with his "speech" leading up to the proposal - I thought that he was being very romantic - and this is just our first anniversary! With the sun setting beheind us and in the most romantic spot imaginable he wen t down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was so shocked, exstatic and excited I jumped up, pulled him to his feet and started jumping around - and I forgot to say yes! He was a bit worried and then asked me if I would say yes... and I did.

Elani2Length of engagement:
We were engaged for seven months.

Most of the wedding planning:
I did most of the wedding planning on my own. My mother and eldest sister lives in Johannesburg, and I was in Limpopo where the wedding was going to be. I really also wanted to do most of the planning myself, as I really wanted to savour every moment of it and I wanted to feel that I had part in everything.

Problems before the wedding day:
We did not experience any problems that caused the wedding to be moved or parts of it changed in any way. I, however, did not like my wedding dress and my designer made her own adjustments to it without consulting me. I also only received my wedding dress the day before the wedding.

Bride's emotions week before:
A week before we got married our best friends got married in Cape Town and Stephan was a groomsman and MC at their wedding. This made me really excited about our special day, and I just felt so blessed that everything worked out so well. A week before our wedding almost everything was done and ready (thanks to the help of my new and exsisting family) so I had nothing to stress about.

Elani5Problems on the wedding day:

Apart from the chair-catastrophe (yes, for a bride, that classifies as a catastrophe) my dad forgot all our bouquets in the suite were they got dressed (and the ceremony was an half an hour away). My sister's dress' zip stripped at the church which left her half naked. So, with flowers taken off the church pews and my sister sewn back into her dress with white cotton (and her brown dress) we walked down the isle. It was one of the best moments of my life!

Bride's emotions on the wedding day:
I woke up that morning with the biggest smile on my face! Both my sisters were there and we had breakfast in bed in our pajamas and just shared some silly stories and special memories from when we were growing up. I practised my speech all while they were pulling faces at me and giggling. We then left with my mom to go to the hairdresser that is in the next town from where the wedding took place. We had so much fun in the salon- all of us being pampered and looked after, drinking champange and taking pictures- when I received a phonecall from the manager at the wedding venue. She informed me (two hours before the wedding) that they did not have enough chairs and that they were going to put black chairs at the tables (all the other chairs are covered in white chair covers). I freaked out! I left the hairdresser and went to the reception venue and started to cover those chairs myself as my sisters and mom was still in the salon having their hair done. My brother-in-law then arrived and took over from me. After that I relaxed again...

My Wedding Day:
Everything turned out just the way I planned and perfect! Even without proper bouquets and zippers sewn shut, our wedding day was perfect. I say it was perfect because I still ended up marrying the man God gave me, the man I've been praying for since I was a little girl. It rained that day, but we were so greatful, because it would have been boiling hot in Limpopo without something to cool the earth off a bit. It stopped raining just in time for leaving the church and taking pictures. The venue looked just the way I wanted - simple, elegant and all my favourite flowers were used: Orchids, Proteas, Lillies and Roses. We had so much fun at our wedding! We danced and ate and even sang a bit! Apart from my wedding dress I wouldn't change a single thing...