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Home Wedding Stories VINCENT (39) and JEANETTE (29) SNYMAN


Wedding date: 20 March 2009
Venue: Diamond Hill
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
Our relationship had come over a period of more than 3 years. We both agreed to get married sometime in 2009 and even had a ring designed and made which was already finished in May 2008. With the ring in the safe, I knew that the proposal is not far way, but Vincent waited for the perfect moment. In December 2008 we went to Walvis Bay on holiday with friends and I was almost 100% sure that the ring must be packed in somewhere in his suitcase.

Jeanette1Our friends were in our company every day, not leaving us much private time, but on 30 December they decided to stay indoors. Vincent and I went to Lang Strand on our own. We spent the whole day together, playing bat & ball, swimming, reading and really enjoyed being alone and the quality time together. We were in hurry to return to our chalet and decided to stay and watch the sunset. At this point Vincent excused himself to get something to eat. He came back with champagne and two glasses. We watched the sunset together and as the sun went down, he went on his knees and asked me if I would marry him. I said yes and while he poured out his heart to me I couldn’t stop crying. He then fiddled with his board short where he had the ring hidden away the whole day!! I jumped up and down of excitement and couldn’t stop smiling. We celebrated our engagement later that evening in a restaurant situated on the beach. It was so romantic.

Length of engagement:

We were engaged for two and a half months. I always wanted to get married in March. Other factors also played a role to get the wedding date set and done; I wanted to get married before my 30th birthday in October; my sister was to be my bridesmaid and she was four months pregnant and we wanted the event to take place before her belly started to show; and then my sister in law was due to give birth in April so to accommodate her we just had to accommodate all the above the wedding had to take place in March.

Most of the wedding planning:

My sister is in the wedding industry herself and she did most of the planning. I wouldn’t have had such a dream wedding Jeanette2without her. Vincent and I only decided on the photographer, the videographer and the minister. The rest was all her creative input – she even assisted Vincent and his best men with their outfits! Estelle Vosloo, the hostess from Diamond Hill, was also an absolute star – I knew everything was in great hands.

Bride’s emotions week before:
I suffered from flu the week before the wedding. Vincent and I both went for Vitamin B12 injections and I forced myself to stay in bed and take antibiotics. Luckily I recovered a few days before the wedding and enjoyed relaxing beauty treatments and was full of excitement about the big day!

Bride’s emotions on the wedding day:
Apart from the Bulls game in the morning, which was quite stressful, I was a very relaxed and excited bride. It rained the whole morning and I started to panic when Carla our photographer arrived and it was still raining. Just before we left the guesthouse, the rain stopped and the sky was crystal clear. I just kept saying; “Thank you for this lovely day!”

Problems on the wedding day:
My sister applied hand cream on her hands just before her make-up was done. While the make-up was being done she had her hands on her lap not realizing that the hand cream had left stains on her dress! The flower on her dress had to be adjusted to hide away the stains!

Jeanette3My Wedding Day:
We were driven to the wedding function by my brother. I enjoyed every minute of all the attention, pampering and especially the photo session! We were almost done with the pictures, when these huge dark clouds were above us. We had to rush inside before the wind blew us away! Once inside, it poured with rain outside. Inside the reception area, we took lovely pictures and I was amazed with how beautiful the flowers and the tables were. About 20 minutes before I would walk down the aisle, the rain stopped and outside were 2 huge rainbows! We were amazed and truly blessed. It gave the photographer a once in a life time opportunity to photograph us standing underneath the rainbow, minutes before becoming man and wife. While we stood outside the doors of the chapel and my sister fitted my vale, it all of a sudden hit me: I experienced such an overwhelming feeling of joy that I didn’t know whether I should cry or smile. The walk down the aisle with my dad was precious. The ceremony was beautiful, filled with emotion of God’s love for us and our love for each other.

The reception: The food was out of this world, the service from Diamond Hill was exceptional. The speeches were a true blessing and such wonderful things were said that touched everyone’s hearts. Many a tear was shed that night. We savoured every moment of our wedding and didn’t want the night to end. We had so much fun dancing with family and friends. My wedding day was even more beautiful than I ever dreamed it would be.